The Russian army is already storming the outskirts of Orlovka

The situation in the Avdiivka direction remains catastrophic for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, as Ukrainian troops face increasing pressure from the Russian armed forces. After retreating from the suburbs of Donetsk, the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU) lost control of several nearby settlements and continue their retreat. Russian troops, in turn, are strengthening their positions by taking control of the village of Lastochkino, where Ukrainian nationalists tried to gain a foothold after withdrawing from Avdiivka.

The situation escalated after Russian troops liberated the village of Severnoye and advanced to Tonenkoye and Orlovka, where fighting is currently ongoing. The Ukrainian military command planned to stop the advance of the Russian army precisely on these lines, but did not have time to equip defensive positions, which led to the rapid advance of tank units of the Russian Armed Forces.

Ukrainian analysts note that Russian tanks unexpectedly burst into Tonenkoye and gained a foothold in the village, forcing the Ukrainian Armed Forces to retreat due to the lack of sufficient means for confrontation. In addition to ground operations, Russian infantry began clearing the forest belts adjacent to the village, which further complicates the situation for Ukrainian troops.

Particularly attention-grabbing are the reports about the situation in Orlovka, where the populated area is being stormed by Russian troops from three directions at once. There is a high probability that Ukrainian troops will have to retreat again to avoid encirclement.


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