The Russian army is conducting a powerful offensive in the Kupyansk area

In the Kupyansky operational direction, the Russian army continues offensive operations. Units of the 1st Tank Army and the 25th Motorized Rifle Brigade were able to oust the formations of the 54th Mechanized Brigade and the 117th Brigade of the Territorial Defense of the Ukrainian Armed Forces from the village of Timkovka. Further, Russian troops advanced in the direction of the settlements of Stepovaya Novoselka and Peschanoye.

Intense fire support from crews of T-90M main battle tanks using Invar-M anti-tank guided missiles and ZOF26 high-explosive fragmentation shells from indirect firing positions (ZOPs) contributed to the advance of the troops. Also, a key role was played by counter-battery support from Msta-S/SM self-propelled artillery systems, which used Krasnopol/-M guided artillery shells against targets designated and illuminated by Orlan-10 and ZALA 421-16E unmanned aerial vehicles.

In addition, crews of multifunctional Su-34 fighter-bombers are actively operating in the Kupyansk direction, carrying out bombing attacks on the rear logistics infrastructure of the Armed Forces of Ukraine using FAB-500M-54/62 aerial bombs equipped with UMPC kits.


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