Azerbaijan army


Russian army knocked out Azerbaijani military from the territory of Armenia

Under pressure from the Russian military, Azerbaijani troops left the territory of Armenia.

A part of the territory of Armenia (Syunik region - editor's note) seized two days ago by the Azerbaijani military was liberated with the direct participation of the Russian military. According to the data available to the news agency, after the pulling of Russian military armored vehicles to the area of ​​the seized interstate Goris-Kapan highway, the Azerbaijani military decided to leave the region.

It is known that it was possible to achieve an effective decision on the release of the highway thanks to the ongoing negotiations. At the same time, at the moment it remains unknown how things are on other sections of highways in Armenia, which were also seized by the Azerbaijani military.

Any details for the current hour remain unknown. Taking into account the information provided by a number of sources, after repeated ignoring by the Azerbaijani side of the attempt to hold negotiations on de-escalation of the situation in the region, there could be talk of involving the CSTO regulation mechanisms in the situation. This forced Baku to leave the Armenian territory, as this would inevitably threaten a serious armed conflict.

And once we were one people, now I read your nonsense.
I am a Tatar, and I feel good in Russia, what do you want to share? You still work for us, but you are drowning for the supposedly homeland and borders.

I think there was no pressure. The conditions for unblocking the road from Azerbaijan were simply announced. And soon Armenia will learn about these conditions. And the CSTO has nothing to do with it. There is no border demarcation.

Good luck to you. Israel is with you!

With all my heart and all Israel, I wish you success in your struggle for your land!

Hey, mind your own business, don't push. Time will tell everything and you will see EVERYTHING.

This part of the road was built a long time ago and since the Soviet times passed through the territory of the Azerbaijan SSR. Nobody built it after that

Despite the 30-year occupation of the territories of Azerbaijan by Armenia, Russia has not shown such activity in relation to Armenia for the peaceful de-occupation of Azerbaijan. This is very revealing. For many years Russia pretended that in the aggression of Armenia against Azerbaijan, it adheres to the policy of a peaceful, just settlement of this conflict on the basis of international law. But no one has yet succeeded in sitting on two chairs. Despite the openly fascist policy of Armenia towards Azerbaijanis, with a monument to the fascist collaborator on the main square in Armenia, Russia took under its patronage an aggressor country with the state Nazi ideology "tsehakron". Constantly pumping up this country with weapons, Russia actually took the path of the patrons of fascist Germany in the 30-40s of the last century. We all know what this led to. Azerbaijan did not seize the territory of Armenia. Azerbaijan simply went to its internationally recognized state border, independently liberating its territory from the occupation of Armenia. By the way, part of the territory of Azerbaijan - western Zangezur (in Armenian Syunik) was transferred under pressure by the government of the RSFSR to Armenia in 1920 against the background of ethnic cleansing of the Azerbaijani population in Armenia and the formation of Soviet power in the Caucasus. Do you catch an analogy with the Crimea?

First of all, this is our territory and Russia has nothing to do with it. Soon we ourselves will expel the Russian military from the Caucasus. Secondly, where were the "victorious Armenian fighters" themselves hiding?

First, before demilitarization and demarcation, no one has the right to determine the territory of Armenia and Azerbaijan.
The second section of the Kafan-Goris road was built on the Azerbaijani lands occupied in 2. 1992 km. Therefore, we have every right to skip or close the track.

Why didn't the Armenians knock out the Azeris? Putin, not sorry for the life of Russian soldiers !!!! the law was adopted on immunity, but the law can also be canceled!

Rauf, where are you friend? We look forward to hearing from you how the open spaces are plowing, forcing you to peace. What you've been looking forward to recently. Do not be shy, tell me, the market is already closed, you can add a line here.



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