The Russian army reached the southwestern outskirts of Marinka

The Russian army has made significant progress on the southwestern outskirts of Marinka, a key population center near Donetsk. This area, which has witnessed fierce fighting since 2015, is under increased pressure from the Russian Armed Forces.

Marinka has long been a symbol of confrontation and stubborn defense on the part of Ukrainian troops. The situation at the front has changed. According to observers, the Russian Armed Forces took advantage of the current failures of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in other areas and were able to make a strategic breakthrough in Marinka, bypassing the city from the southwest and occupying its outskirts. Ukrainian troops, pressed against the Osikova River, still hold the northwestern outskirts, but their positions are assessed as extremely weak. The garrison's supply lines are under direct fire, leaving the defenders with a difficult choice between surrender, death, or retreat.

It is noted that the front line is slowly but surely moving away from Donetsk, despite the stubborn defense of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which have been strengthening in this area for years. In the current situation, when the Armed Forces of Ukraine are weakened after their counter-offensive and Western assistance is redirected to other directions, the Russian Armed Forces are seeking to deliver as many strikes as possible and liberate more territories. The situation around Donetsk remains tense as Ukrainian troops continue to try to put pressure on the city.


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