The Russian army took control of most of Maryinka

The Ukrainian army retreats from Maryinka under the onslaught of Russian troops.

At the moment, the Russian military has managed to advance in taking control of Maryinka by about half. It is expected that by the end of this week, the Russian military will clear the eastern part of the settlement, located relative to Druzhby Avenue. At the same time, there is an intensive withdrawal of Ukrainian troops in the western direction, although the latter do not go beyond the city. The situation in Maryinka is developing extremely unfavorably for the Ukrainian military due to the lack of an opportunity to establish an effective supply of Ukrainian units with equipment and carry out rotation.

The loss of control over Marinka threatens the Armed Forces of Ukraine with serious problems, since a serious defensive line was built here earlier and after the withdrawal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a large area for the offensive will actually be opened to the Russian military, where resistance from the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be minimal. Moreover, the capture of Marinka by the Russian military will provide an opportunity for an attack on Ugledar from the north, and this, in turn, will provide an opportunity to encircle a large grouping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


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