The Russian army occupied more territory in five days than the Ukrainian Armed Forces did in 3 months of counteroffensive

The Russian army has made significant progress on the front over the past five days, taking control of an area larger than what the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU) were able to occupy during their three-month counteroffensive in the summer and fall of 2023. In three days, Russian troops took control of about 186 square kilometers of territory.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reports that in the first half of the day, 135 Ukrainian military personnel were liquidated. The daily losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are about 500 people. At the moment, more than 100 Ukrainian military personnel are in captivity.

This success of the Russian army underscores its ability to take quick and effective offensive action. In a short period of time, significant results were achieved, which significantly changed the operational situation at the front.

According to Russian military analysts, the main factors contributing to the success were the well-coordinated actions of the units, the support of artillery and aviation, and the effective use of unmanned aerial vehicles for reconnaissance and targeting.


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