Russian nuclear submarine quietly approached the coast of Great Britain

A Russian nuclear-powered submarine of the Yasen project quietly approached the coast of Great Britain.

According to American news agencies, a Russian nuclear-powered submarine of the Yasen project could have approached the coast of Great Britain unnoticed. It is reported that this is due to the holding of the G7 summit. Information on this score is confirmed by the high activity of the British Navy ships and flights of reconnaissance and anti-submarine aircraft of NATO countries.

The Washington Examiner notes that at the moment there is a real threat that the Russian nuclear submarine is indeed located off the coast of Great Britain, and although the circumstances of the appearance of the latter remain unknown, there is a serious problem with the detection and tracking of the nuclear submarine due to its unique stealth features.

To date, there is no information confirming the presence of a Russian nuclear submarine in the area of ​​the British coast, however, given the fact that Russian submarines are in the Atlantic Ocean, it will take less than a day to transfer Russian nuclear submarines to the borders of Great Britain.


There is no point in approaching the islands, our rockets will reach from anywhere in the oceans.

That's great. I always need to be on duty at their shores on a rotational basis.

The photo shows not "Ash", but the nuclear submarine of project 955A "Borey". And in the Navy "Ash" in the ranks now only one - the very first of the "Ash" "Sevverodvinsk". “Kazan” has just been accepted and it is now finishing “to the mind” and “rolling in”. So it's not a fact that it was a nuclear submarine of this class that approached the islanders and scared them so, we also have other submarines.