Russian aviation and navy have completed large-scale strike against the US Navy base in Hawaii and American submarines

A group of Russian warships and long-range anti-submarine Tu-142 headed for Hawaii.

The Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy could work out a strike on one of the largest US naval bases located in Hawaii. This is evidenced by the dispatch of a large number of warships and several long-range anti-submarine aircraft towards the Hawaiian Islands. Information on this score is provided by the Russian "Telegram" -channel "Operational Line", publishing information about the advancement of the Russian group and showing the estimated route of passage of Russian warships.

“These are the estimated areas for conducting the exercises of the diverse forces of the Pacific Fleet, located in the immediate vicinity of the Hawaii archipelago, in the surrounding waters of which the US Navy recently conducted the Agile Dagger 2021 exercise with a massive exit from its hunter-killer bases. So the wording in the press release of the Ministry of Defense, that the ships participating in the exercises of dissimilar forces work out the tasks of searching and tracking submarines of the imaginary enemy, reflect the current situation at sea as closely as possible and between the lines, for sure, tell about some dueling situations of the opposing sides without any assumptions. The information that the Tu-142M3 troika from the Yelizovo airfield flew to the exercise area at a distance of about 5000 km, although slightly overestimated, is also striving for reliability "- said in the message.

Experts believe that, in fact, we are talking about Russia's retaliatory measures to the provocative exercises of the United States, since in addition to countering the American fleet in the Pacific Ocean, it is also known that Russian strategic aviation flew to the area of ​​the NATO military exercises "Baltops 2021" , having worked out a strike on a large group of ships of the North Atlantic Alliance.