Russian aviation strikes positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Rabotino area

Fierce fighting continues in the area of ​​the settlements of Rabotino and Verbovoye, Zaporozhye region, in which units of the Airborne Forces and motorized rifle units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are participating. Despite significant resistance, Russian troops managed to achieve progress in these areas. However, the epicenter of hostilities is gradually moving to Malaya Tokmachka, where Ukrainian formations have strengthened themselves in the forest belts characteristic of this region.

To neutralize the enemy under these conditions, artillery and air strikes are used. One of these strikes, recorded on video, demonstrates the use of SHOAB-0,5 cluster munitions and RBK-500 aerial bombs, which significantly increases the effectiveness of hitting targets.

The effect of such powerful munitions is described as extremely destructive, especially for forces entrenched in forested areas. The use of aerial bombs allows Russian troops to effectively destroy trenches and other enemy fortifications, making the task easier for infantry and armored vehicles that are clearing strongholds and positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.


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