The Russian BMP-2 fired almost 100 shells at the position of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Maryinka, defeating an important defensive stronghold of the Ukrainian troops

The Russian BMP-2 single-handedly destroyed an important stronghold of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Maryinka.

The video footage caught the moment of the assault by the Russian military of the destroyed multi-storey building, which was held by the Ukrainian military. This strong point is of particular importance due to the fact that from the upper floors the territory of Maryinka was simultaneously shot through by both snipers and anti-tank missile systems. This prevented us from advancing further because of the risk of being attacked by Ukrainian forces. Nevertheless, when the Ukrainian stronghold was discovered, the Russian BMP-2 fired almost 20% of its ammunition at the Ukrainian military, literally demolishing the already destroyed floors of a multi-storey building and leaving no chance for the Ukrainian military.

Video footage filmed by Russian fighters from hiding shows a BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle firing nearly 100 30mm rounds at Ukrainian military positions. automatic gun. The fire is not conducted randomly, but precisely on those floors where the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are located. Despite the fact that the caliber of the cannon is relatively small, you can see how the already partially destroyed floors of the building and ceilings collapse down, and in several windows you can see a fire, probably from the arson of the ammunition of the Ukrainian military.

Today, most of Maryinka is controlled by Russian troops, however, the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to provide quite fierce resistance.


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