Russian hypersonic missile "Zircon" received "stealth" -protection

The enemy will not be able to detect the Russian Zircon hypersonic missile - it turned out to be "invisible".

The newest Russian sea-based Zircon hypersonic missile turned out to be unique not only in terms of its technical capabilities and combat power, but also in terms of protection against enemy countermeasures. So, according to the data that appeared at the disposal of, the radar equipment located frontally to the flight course of the Russian missile simply cannot detect it until the targets are hit, which makes the missile virtually invulnerable.

According to the data presented, a key feature of the "stealth" technology used in the Russian cruise missile "Zircon" is the formation of a plasma layer on the surface of the missile, due to its flight speed of 10 thousand km / h, resulting in radars located frontally to the flight path of the missile, they simply will not see their target - theoretically, only those radars that will be directed at the rocket from behind will be able to detect it.

In other words, the Russian Zircon hypersonic cruise missile is today one of the deadliest types of weapons, which not only cannot be protected even with modern air defense / missile defense systems, but even the missile cannot be detected, especially since from the moment of launch until the moment the target is hit less than 10 minutes will pass.

"Zircon has received stealth protection ...". Dumber is hard to come up with. Maybe when an object is flying at hypersonic speed, a plasma cloud is formed around it, which does not reflect, but absorbs radar waves from the radar ?!

The only question is whether the optical systems will have time to react) What is the speed of the plasma ball? Will see right before hitting.

You read the comments and you are happy - this is how many experts! Only I remember the same eksPerdy wrote: "Yes, all these are cartoons", "Yes, this cannot be," in general, the dogs bark and the caravan goes as it should.

Okay, we caught Zircon with optics, but how to shoot it down?

What nonsense. There are optical guidance systems. Such a plasma ball is an easy target for such systems. And then there are very effective neutron detection systems.

I think no one will be able to answer this question anymore.

She received nothing new. It has long been known that at hypersonic speeds there will be plasma on the nose of the device, it blocks / screens / distorts radio signals - as a result of which the device is unable to communicate with ground stations. Those. there will be interference that interferes with the detection of the apparatus (missile).

Well, yes ... the plasma layer blurs the response of the scanning radio signal, in much the same way as the "new" materials ... There are, however, several problems,
1. Below a kilometer, such protection eats well, a lot, and the efficiency is very low ... although they may have found a solution, they simply do not know ...
2. She herself "shines". Those. with the availability of certain means can be detected ...
True, this does not negate its possible application. Incl. from the point of view of a high-frequency generator of "white" noise ... As for the specific case ... Well ... I don't know ... such high-speed objects in dense layers of the atmosphere are ALWAYS surrounded by a plasma cloud ...) True, unlike of our opponents, we somehow know how to manage them ....) At least it is stated on the example of the "Vanguard" module ...
Something like this ... In principle, it has been known for a long time, but how it will be applied ...

it remains to ask possible probable opponents whether this is so or propaganda