The Russian company Euro Policy in Syria, associated with Prigozhin, may change owner

According to the latest news from Syria, the Russian oil production company Euro Polis, which is actively working in the Syrian Arab Republic, may soon pass to new owners. This company was associated with Yevgeny Prigozhin, a famous Russian entrepreneur who died in August of this year.

Sources from the Syrian media claim that official Damascus has already agreed to the transfer of ownership rights to the Euro Policy company. It is expected that another large Russian financial and industrial group will become the new owner. However, details of the transaction and information about potential buyers have not yet been disclosed.

A change in the ownership of a major oil company in a key region such as Syria could affect the distribution of influence and resources in this strategically important area.

At the moment, additional information is expected from representatives of both Russian and Syrian authorities regarding the details and terms of the deal.


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