Russian "Krasukha-4" in a few seconds destroyed the Ukrainian drone with powerful electronic countermeasures

The Russian "Krasukha-4" dealt with the Ukrainian drone in a few seconds.

A Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicle, which, presumably, planned to strike at the positions of the Russian military, was successfully hit by the Russian Krasukha-4 electronic jamming system. This is evidenced by the relevant video footage, which depicts the execution of the task of eliminating the Ukrainian drone.

On the presented video frames published by the country's defense department, you can see one of the positions of the Krasukha-4 electronic warfare complex in the zone of the NWO. As soon as the enemy unmanned aerial vehicle was detected, a command was issued to suppress it, and after a few seconds a report appeared that the target had been successfully eliminated, which indicates that the Russian electronic warfare complex is successfully coping with the tasks of suppressing air targets.

What kind of unmanned aerial vehicle was destroyed by the Russian electronic warfare complex is unknown, moreover, experts pay attention to the fact that the destruction of the drone takes place in the literal sense, since if the drone flies at high altitude, then when its electronic systems are suppressed, the drone receives critical damage on impact with the ground.