Russian "Krasukha" stunned Dutch frigate after attempted provocation

The Dutch frigate, which tried to enter the Kerch Strait, was attacked by Russian electronic suppression systems.

After the incident that occurred a few weeks ago in the Kerch Strait, where the ships of the Netherlands Navy and the British Navy tried to enter without a request, it became known that Russian electronic jammers had attacked a NATO ship. According to the data presented, as a result of a powerful impact, the means of navigation, and, obviously, this also applies to other electronic systems of the battleship, the equipment was disabled for 5 hours.

“Russian military aircraft carried out simulated attacks on a Dutch warship and disrupted the onboard communication systems for 5 hours. According to the Sohu website (China), unlike other regions of Russia, Crimea is equipped with a variety of electronic warfare systems, both stationary and mobile. Electronic warfare equipment is also installed on Russian aircraft. If the Dutch accusations are correct, then not only Russian aviation, but also coastal electronic warfare groups could disrupt communications on warships. Coastal complexes have significant signal jamming power, have a range of 300-400 km. For example, one of the functions of the Krasukha-4 electronic warfare system is the interception and falsification of satellite signals from the GPS global positioning system. Meanwhile, the Murmansk-BN electronic warfare complex has a range of up to 5 km. ", - said in the message of the "Soha" publication.

To date, the most powerful electronic suppression system deployed in Crimea is the Russian Krasukha-4 complex, which is quite capable of not only disrupting the operation of NATO frigate systems, but also to damage them with powerful radio emission.

He offered our Rostec, the newest, precision system "Woodcutter". Cuts the mast from boat to dreadnought up to 600 km offshore. Any weather conditions. Any mast material. I requested 50 million rubles. While they are thinking.

Soviet system, not Putin's. Now the Russian system can only work on wood

Dutch frigate, English ... And what are they doing off OUR shores?

It is a pity that nonsense.

It's all Boshirov and Petrov! And then they managed ...


It inspires and pleases, thanks to the defenders!

How long does it take for the Dutch, Americans and British to understand that swimming in the territorial waters of Russia is more expensive for themselves !!!!

A little later, the wives of the crews of the ships that violated our border will be unhappy.