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Russian "Krasuha" taught a lesson to American reconnaissance aircraft over Donbass

Russian electronic warfare systems taught a "curious" American aircraft a lesson over the Donbas.

Russian electronic countermeasures have forced the US military to significantly curtail its appetite for provocative reconnaissance missions in the Donbass and along the Russian borders. So, if during the first flight of the American military aircraft E-8C on December 27, 2021, the approach to the DPR borders was about 40 kilometers, then already on December 30, the American board kept almost 150 kilometers from the DPR borders. This is said to have been facilitated by Russian electronic warfare systems.

"The Russian complexes of radio-electronic influence" Krasukha-4 "made trouble for the United States, forcing the crew of a reconnaissance aircraft operating in the Donbass to stay 160 kilometers from the borders of the unrecognized republics, and about 300 kilometers from the border of Russia, this is the limit of the capabilities of Russian mobile electronic warfare systems "- Sina Military reports.

Taking into account the data of open monitoring resources, the American military aircraft during the last reconnaissance mission in Donbass really tried to stay in the Pavlograd area, although at the same time, on December 27, the American Air Force acted much more daringly, approaching the Russian borders at a distance of several tens of kilometers. Earlier it became known that, as part of military exercises, Russian electronic warfare systems were deployed on the border of Russia and Ukraine, which could well suppress the operation of the systems of an American military aircraft.

The thieves' elite has no homeland, by and large! And we will defend our Motherland!

Have you even mastered the article? They fly over the territory of Ukraine. Far from the Russian border. Why shoot them down? Like the Americans would shoot down a Russian plane 100 km away from their borders? Well, you finally can. ... ...

Come on, specialist, explain technically. Just the facts. )))

Sina Military, which we love to refer to, at the end of this post writes in a standard way: "The above content is uploaded and posted by netizens in the Sina military controversy column. It reflects the views of netizens only and does not mean that this website agrees with their opinions and is responsible for their authenticity. "

These "operating frequencies" are constantly changing. and not in the sense that a week has passed and changed by a couple of hertz manually, but constantly (once every couple of seconds somewhere) in random order, in certain ranges. And, for example, to counteract jamming of communication in this case is problematic - the stations work only in a certain frequency range and if the entire range is blocked, then there is nothing to be done about it - you need to change the stations in the plane (it is difficult and expensive, and it is necessary that such in general were) and so that the terrestrial ones would support the new range, while changing to shorter waves is impossible - the communication range and the ability to bypass the unevenness of the earth will decrease, and longer waves ... may work, but electronic warfare means not only jamming communications.

A real battle will put everything in its place. Let's wait a bit.

Unfortunately, we state that Russian intelligence officers fly up close to our borders. According to interception data, up to 5 km. But I'm not mad at Vladimir. His scouts fly much less often, but the truth is more effective. Our aces learn from the Russians.

Do you know how you can resist 3-4m. hundreds of cruise missiles in a massive raid? Or do you know how to shoot down a hundred or two planes with one swing? To do this, you need to have at least an equivalent arsenal, which is time and money, and money does not grow on a tree.

Good comment

Well done. They do not understand on good terms, they will repair expensive equipment.


Lies! Ground-based electronic warfare equipment is a complete junk.

This is not a symmetrical response at all. If our intelligence officer approached the US borders by 30-40 km, he would be immediately shot down. And ours are rolling cotton wool like that. And they can’t do anything in return. too much of our political elite is tied up with the West to the money in their banks and families living in the USA and England ...
So maybe they growl and bite, but they can bite the leash, but immediately press the tail like the owner stomps with his boot ..

Have you taught a lesson? That is, lit all its operating frequencies and signal parameters?



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