The Russian "Kraukha" now turned out to be useless against the Israeli "stealth" rocket

The Russian electronic warfare systems deployed in Syria turned out to be useless against Israeli missiles.

After Russia deployed its electronic warfare systems in Syria, they initially showed high effectiveness against the electronics of the US military, and against the drones of the Islamists, and even against Israeli military aircraft. Nevertheless, given that these complexes are still located on the territory of Syria, for unknown reasons, Israeli missiles have learned to circumvent them, even despite the fact that systems such as Krasukha suppress the operation of the global positioning system (GPS).

Previously, Israeli missiles often fell several tens of kilometers to their targets, however, now they successfully strike, although often deviate from targets, but only a few meters away. This led experts to believe that Israeli anti-radar missiles have learned to bypass Russian electronic warfare, and, obviously, the same applies to the work of spacecraft that carry out missile guidance.

“A day earlier, F-16 fighters to the ground destroyed the Syrian military base, while none of the eight missiles launched by Israeli military aircraft deviated from their targets, although four missiles were successfully shot down by air defense systems earlier during such attacks, and on a much greater distance, cruise missiles launched simply fell to the ground, however, now the situation has changed dramatically ”, - the expert marks.

It should be clarified that during the last attack on Syria, the S-300s deployed in the Arab Republic did not receive their application.

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Over the past two weeks, Israel has lost 8 aircraft.
Sami apparently fell.

Only an odd number of 2 dozen missiles did not hit in a moment29 ...

Oh, wey guys, it’s extremely simple. Missiles that have their own navigation system are not guided by GPS. They are aimed at the known coordinates of the target using an inertial navigation system that uses GPS only to correct the oncoming error. When it turned out that the jeepies on the wound were jammed, they simply turned off the correction and began to hit the target with a little less accuracy. All business.

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Do not underestimate the enemy, the whole world produces new weapons using the latest technologies, Russia is "deeply modernizing" old developments, plus the quality of components and assembly

In this "song" about Kraukha and Israeli rockets there is neither a date when the Israelis attacked, nor a military facility in Syria that was hit. The author does not know where and when this "impressive" blow was nansen? Or was he simply not there, and admiration was just a figment of his imagination ?!

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8 rockets fired. 4 shot down. The carrier rockets F-16. So the missiles are not heavy. The weight of the warhead of each kilogram is 30. Do you want to say that 120 kg of troitil carried a military base? Rave. And who said that “Kraukha” was working at that moment.