Russian "Krasuha" successfully burned the electronic filling of the Israeli UAB SPICE-1000, neutralizing it on the approach to Syria

Russian electronic warfare means once again saved Syria from Israeli attacks.

Israel's recent attempts to strike at Syrian territory have been unsuccessful, including through the use of Russian electronic warfare systems. So, most likely, the involved Russian complexes of electronic warfare "Krasukha" were able to successfully defuse the Israeli SPICE-1000 guided aerial bomb, destroying its electronic control systems. As a result, the ammunition, worth about 400 thousand dollars, turned into a piece of scrap metal, simply falling to the ground and not exploding.

The video footage shows the crash site of an Israeli bomb. Judging by the angle of fall of the bomb, the latter was completely uncontrollable, which confirms the information that the electronic control systems were disabled.

It is known that the bomb fell on the border of Syria and Lebanon. Quite remarkable is the fact that the area was previously under the influence of Russian electronic warfare systems deployed at the Khmeimim airbase. This confirms that the Russian side does not intend to continue to tolerate Israeli aggression against Syria.

“Suffice it to recall how the Israeli military pompously declared that the UAB SPICE-1000 was an effective means of destroying the S-300. Apparently, bombs will not even be able to fly beyond the coverage area of ​​electronic warfare systems, and at the same time, the ammunition fell at a considerable distance from the area of ​​probable deployment of electronic warfare systems. ", - the expert marks.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that Russian electronic warfare systems have successfully dealt with Israeli missiles and bombs.

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