Submarine Chita


Russian submarine Chita, armed with Caliber missiles, sank off the coast of Nakhodka

The Russian submarine Chita drowned near Nakhodka.

According to the information provided by the newspaper, the Russian diesel-electric submarine Chita, while following to one of the docks, unexpectedly started to sink and sank. According to current information, injured and victims were avoided, however, a partially sunken underwater submarine can no longer be removed from the water without special means.

“The submarine partially sank while it was being towed for disposal,” the Rosmorrechflot reported. As a result of the incident, no one was hurt, there is no environmental threat, since there was no fuel on the submarine. This submarine was previously in service with the Pacific Fleet, but it was expelled from the 2013 year ”- reports "".

It should be clarified that earlier the Russian diesel-electric submarine Chita was considered a very formidable enemy, due to the presence on its armament of cruise missiles Turquoise ZM-54E1 (the current version of the missile «Caliber»), as well as 18 torpedoes.

For what reason the Russian submarine went down - it is not known, however, experts did not exclude that the reason for this was the depressurization of the underwater vehicle and there was a corresponding water intake.

Have you read the title? NOT WEAPONED, but WEAPONED.

you yourself rashid)) sunk)) in the desert)

in the Vostok Bay, and near it, there are no such depths!

Allow me! How did this decommissioned boat manage to equip Caliber missiles in 2013? Who are you holding people for?

"Partially" sink at a depth of a hundred meters? Are you laughing - or partially?

Maybe they also decided to write off weapons? The old boat of the Govnomet series, the corresponding armament and ammunition .. In general, the rushka has long been beaten out as the world leader in the number of accidents and air crashes .. Komsomolets, Kursk, now Chita are unclassified .. And helicopter planes are falling almost daily, like ripe apples in the fall ..

The usual bloat of sensation by unscrupulous magazines.

You shouldn’t have removed from it rockets with nuclear warheads. It would be even worse. The boat goes for disposal with ammunition. Well, only a hungry media worker can organize this.

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I didn’t understand partially or completely sank, then the boat for decommissioning do not have weapons!

What is the title?
If the boat is decommissioned and goes for disposal, then it cannot be armed. Ammunition must be removed.