Russian submarine crept up to a British military base under the cover of electronic warfare systems


Russian submarine crept up to a British military base under the cover of electronic warfare systems

A Russian submarine stealthily approached a British military base while Russian electronic warfare jammed US reconnaissance aircraft.

A Russian military submarine armed with the Kalibr cruise missiles, leaving the Russian naval base, under the cover of Russian electronic countermeasures, was able to stealthily approach one of the most secret British military bases, which hosts, among other things, fighters F-35. Despite the fact that the forces of the US Navy raised anti-submarine reconnaissance aircraft into the air, due to the powerful suppression of the electronic warfare of the Russian military, it was not possible to find the Russian submarine.

“The American R-8A Poseidon anti-submarine aircraft took off from the territory of an airbase located in Italy and headed for the Syrian shores to follow the Russian military contingent stationed in Tartus and Khmeimim. The absence of one submarine of the project 636.3 "Varshavyanka", called in the Western press a "black hole", was noted. Then the search began, which confirmed the validity of this nickname given to the diesel-electric submarine for its low noise and invisibility. Judging by the fact that the search area was the waters near the island of Cyprus, the Russian submarine itself went on reconnaissance to the Akrotiri airbase located there. Only she was never found, despite the fact that three Poseidons were launched into the air at once, "the Russian news outlet Reporter reports.

For what purpose the Russian submarine headed to the British military base located in Cyprus - it is unknown, however, it was previously reported that due to the mysterious disappearance of the Russian submarine, the American aircraft carrier was evacuated from this region, apparently due to fears that that Russia could give the US a very unpleasant surprise.