Nuclear submarine


Russian submarine with nuclear warheads headed for the US coast

Armed with nuclear warheads, the Russian nuclear submarine headed for the US coast.

The Russian nuclear submarine, which is armed with intercontinental ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads, after a prolonged pursuit by American warships, unexpectedly headed for the coast of the United States and disappeared without a trace in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

It is known that an American warship was tracking the Russian nuclear submarine for a very long time, however, as soon as the Russian submarine reached the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, it simply disappeared without a trace, heading to the US coast, which came as a shock to Washington, since a few days, a Russian submarine can easily surface only 20 kilometers from the American coast.

“The US Navy has thrown large forces in search of a nuclear-powered Russian submarine that has entered the Atlantic. <...> When a nuclear attack submarine entered the Atlantic Ocean, it seemed to dissolve in it ", - reports the information publication "Sohu".

Earlier, the command of the US Navy openly announced that it knew the location of any Russian submarine, however, judging by the data that appeared, the situation was far from in favor of the United States.

Again Bashirov on a mission

Nonsense. This article Goebel propaganda 39 years. 5people start a war machine

Probably lucky US surprise called "Poseidon"

The Kurs submarine had the same unsinkable commander in chief. Is there a guilty one, but he did not self-destruct?

Well wait for the guests

Petrov and Bashirov have a super secret mission.

It's time for Biden board number 1 to cook

Petrov is the commander, Bashirov is the First Mate!

There was no such SHAME when you were tracked for several days during my 15-year service on the nuclear submarine. It seems that the author has messed everything up and does not understand what he is writing about. Why should a strategist go to the shores of the United States?

it's all classified! but do not tell anyone.

Petrov and Bashirov are on duty!

Dived in the Atlantic, and will emerge from the other side off the Pacific coast ... the very states of America)

Commander Sidorov Ivan Petrovich.

I will support .. and I know where the boat is and I will tell ... in the water

Exactly north along the border with Canada, and the South coast with Mexico, across the desert.

So, you can have a tomogavka in Poland, but we don't have it in the Gulf of Mexico?

Commander Putin, assistant Biden

And what is this article for, or has someone leaked the secret information overseas?

Don't worry, enough for all 4 sides!

Who writes about this, he that loaded this weapon or it was specially shown to the US satellite!

What are you doing ?! After all, the photo clearly shows that I went to America!)))

I know where she is, but I won't tell you.

SSBNs with ballistics in the Antlantica have nothing to do. This is a fake in the press.

Who is the commander? Petrov or Boshirov?

The rest are already there

They know, but they cannot find ...

No more submarine sunk by an American ship

And we have fingers for the keyboard and a tongue of half a meter for chatting. Raise your own standard of living. Just to criticize everything and everyone. Do not overdo it with "freedom of speech", aunt!

You'd better not remember Yeltsin, he sold us to the Americans with giblets, I'm now even afraid to think what would have happened to us if he had not been removed in time.

why are you living badly?

If she disappeared in the waters of the Atlantic, then it is probably clear to which coast ??

Can't find a link on the video? CNN couldn't find it?

Ilona, ​​what can you compare with?

And who prevents you from raising your well-being? It is necessary to work, and not wait for someone to give something, and even give it for free!

it is a pity that no one there wears felt boots ..

Ilona, ​​go to Ukraine, there is democracy and everything is there.

And she is not alone there.

Ilona, ​​I'm sorry, of course, but you better not read such articles. Read about gastronomy. This is definitely yours.

You're right. Government resign

Ahead soon. The boat is there so as not to rock the boat here.

Ilona, ​​if we do not rattle our weapons, then our standard of living will drop completely below the plinth, I mean our non-Western friends.

The main thing is that these missiles reach any point in the United States if necessary.

I wonder who exactly said where she went? Source, navigation maps .. Well, you can say so, the source said that the submarine went to Mars.

No matter what happens from such a neighing, stay away from this news.

This is a natural practice of the submarine S. F. And there is nothing to be surprised at.

And to which coast besides the eastern one could the boat head from the Atlantic?

Repeat, so who's the killer?
Louder, I can't hear!

Repeat, so who's the killer?
Louder, I can't hear!

This is a common practice for nuclear submarines of the Northern Fleet. And there is nothing to be surprised at.

fully agree

What about your standard of living? Low?? Have you tried to work?)

if you want peace, prepare for war.
And what's wrong with Russia helping!

why did one boat go?

It's good that the APLs are located off the coast of the United States, or even better, they would have weighed for each sanction.

The trainer took the whip

I think there is no longer one with Poseidon)))

What difference does it make to which coast? Thanks to these submarine missile carriers and the Strategic Missile Forces, we do not live in concentration camps, we are fed, shod and they don’t make soap from our children ...

What a whining, what are you missing, how much debt does everyone have now? How many cars and which ones?

30 minutes to prepare missile defense or 5

Only after you.

it would be something .... A high standard of living, a high HDI, a low level of corruption - that's understandable. Well, they will find her in a couple of years belly up like Kursk. Than gorzitstsa something?

Where do you get the data, probably after you float on an inflatable mattress?

As it says there: Whoever calls names, he also floats nearby!

The article is intended for children up to school age

It seems not April 1st ...

How are the lads feeling

tell me more about such ANECDOTES ...

And how the health of those warriors who pursued

The best way to cool their hot heads. Our submariners BRAVO !!!

Author where did you get this information? If the Navy

What difference does it make to which coast? Anyone closer to the likely enemy.

... you should have seen the face of the CM Chief Petty Officer of one of the aircraft carriers, who reported to the Pentagon that “the target was gone”. I laughed after that for half an hour. Savely Kramarov is resting .... (The Americans have already begun to circulate a 5-minute CNN video about this incident) ...

In the fountain of the white house!

Oooh, is this classified information probably not disclosed?

Oil is lucky

and now who is hysterical? In my opinion, everything is quiet and calm with us. Normal work.

I am wildly sorry, was it better under Yeltsin? Or will it be better under the conditional Zhirinovsky? Perhaps everything is much better in other countries, or are you unfounded?

And what, 30 minutes will help to save oneself from a nuclear strike?

To the Atlantic coast. What is not clear here?

And she swam in butterfly style, frightening the oncoming penguins and dolphins.

Look for us in Miami)))

Does flight time play a role? 30 and 5 minutes. As they say - feel the difference.

When will it float up belly?

And the time ????

do not strain pzhlsta, this is a belated April Fools' joke. Although ... As they say: "in every joke, there is a small share ... JOKES."

This is to improve relations and defuse tensions between Russia and the United States.

... And not one, and not only. 15 minutes it is necessary that from our spitting everyone choked. Only ecological consequences stop. Until.

Here's our only fun: rattle weapons, scare the US with nuclear missiles, just like 60 years ago ...
There is never time to raise the standard of living of our own citizens! And besides, assistance to other countries - there we are always in the forefront.

In the 80s, dozens of our boats went there all the time. And no one on this occasion fought in a joyful hysterics. It was a normal job.

The flight time is less. It is possible to start on a flat trajectory, practically excluding interception.

And without meaning ... :))

I can assure you that within 500 miles at least ONE r / k is CONSTANTLY located there. It was so during Yeltsin's time. Another thing is that they have now DELIVEREDLY allowed themselves to be discovered ... Politics ..

Guys, don't worry, she returned to the garage, the cap was just hungover.

12 thousand km. Like the Iskanders at 50 km: they shot in one direction, but hit the other! The Azeris laughed strongly.

open to everyone! Whoever comes up from behind.

The meaning will fly faster. So that they probably won't have time to notice. And even would have had time, already everything is too late to rush ...

Pop up in the Hudson

1) short flight time
2) there will be no time for counteraction

Oh, forgot, you have to ask permission.

that three thousand (!) Israeli missiles demolished the Khmeimim base to zero. But the news was not confirmed.

She drowned ...

What's the difference to which? The only bad thing is that one of the five was still seen at the beginning.

Why go to the coast itself? The meaning is that the missile's flight range is ~ 10 km.

On the side of the Antlatic Ocean, the United States has one eastern coast ...

Why do you care? The less you know the better you sleep!

Don't wake up the author. We are waiting for the continuation.

Did they ask Biden?

Who cares?

They will be even more surprised when they find out that she is far from alone there))

Will you be interested in whether the executioner is right-handed or left-handed, when he will approach the block with an ax? What would comfort and cheer you up, reassure you or give you optimism?

Some kind of rash question. Disappeared in the Atlantic Ocean. Which coast do you think she went to? To the Pacific? Or to the north?

Well, finally, at least once they swam to our enemies. And then only they are rattling weapons at our borders. Well done guys, I'm proud!

From the Atlantic - only to the west coast, through the south ...

Whoever needs it, he will think and calm himself.

And what - the United States is washed from all sides by the Atlantic Ocean?

Another delirium of this resource. Guys, I ask you again to write about the weather in Syria, you are much better at it.

And here the spies found out the course and those. Characteristics.

Well, don't tell me guys! Nobody ever knows where our nuclear submarines are! And they are everywhere !!!

like, the author said to the coast from the Atlantic Ocean ...

Is this really so important?

I ought to tell you everything - when it comes up, then you will find out!

Well, thank God! Are the other submarines already there, off the coast?

Where does such secret information come from from a science fiction author about the direction of our submarine in the direction of the United States. Such dogmas he can tell grannies on the rubble.

What an inaccuracy in the news!
Which coast? There are 4 of them in the USA, east, west, north, and south!



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