A Russian rocket with a nuclear engine flew only 40 kilometers and was ridiculed

The Russian cruise missile 9M730 was ridiculed in the United States.

Edition "We are the mighty”, Against the background of the alleged explosion of a Russian rocket with a nuclear power plant in Nyonoks, ridiculed the Russian Borevestnik 9M730 cruise missile, noting that this is one of the most unsuccessful Russian developments, which over the years of testing never began to work.

“Russia conducted four different tests of this rocket [Petrel] from November 2017 to February 2018, when the nuclear power plant was not yet used in the tests. According to US estimates, the most that this rocket achieved is 22 miles (using a conventional rocket engine), and the last test led to the loss of a rocket somewhere in the Barents Sea. ”- notes the publication, referring to the fact that the prospects for the Russian cruise missile 9M730 are very small.

It is noteworthy that the American publication refers to the words of the Russian leader, who noted that the missile will have an unlimited range, while in reality it flew a distance less than any of the existing missiles.

It should be clarified that according to the American side, it was the Burevestnik missile that exploded at the test site in the Arkhangelsk region, but the Russian side does not confirm this fact.

What made you so happy? What did Russia do wrong to you?

everyone also laughed at the calibers and thought that they were flying at 300km

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Dear, you are confusing! Syr Bor happened due to the 9M729 rocket

The author, you do not see at all that these engines are needed only at the initial starting stage, after which the nuclear power plant will start?))) It should be on this engine and should not fly further than a couple of tens of kilometers! Don't be ashamed to mess up like that?

The author of the note does not seem to be in itself. How can we talk about the success of a project that is not yet completed? But what if the purpose of the tests was precisely to check the engine of the initial stage of acceleration, while the NRE was not even supposed to be included in this test?

Flew, didn’t fly, it’s important that the Kirienok for the Petrel has already become a Hero.

Now they laughed. And it’s nothing that they left the INF Treaty precisely because of 9М730. Well, if you think that this is slag, then what came out?

We Are The Mighty is a fake


As Zadornov said, they are stupid! Starting tests of a long flight and do not imply!

who will launch it far? Suddenly, then look for our know-how Or don’t let God crash at Amer