A Russian rocket demolished a multi-story building in northern Syria, where dozens of militants took refuge. Video

The rocket launched by the Russian fighter demolished a multi-story hotel, where dozens of terrorists took refuge.

A few hours ago, the Russian air forces conducted a large-scale attack against militants and terrorists in the Syrian province of Idilb. As a result of one of the attacks, a Russian combat aircraft launched an unknown rocket, which literally demolished a multi-story hotel complex, where dozens of militants arranged their firing position.

On the presented video frames you can see the moment the rocket hit the partially destroyed building, after which the structure began to completely collapse, plunging even the author of the video into shock.

What kind of missile it is in question is unknown, but the destruction turned out to be colossal - according to some reports, as a result of the destruction of the firing point of the militants, at least thirty terrorists died, which, obviously, seriously undermined the defense capability of these illegal structures in the region.

It should be noted that a few hours before the destruction of the building with the militants, a large group of terrorists (up to 600 militants - approx.ed.) Attacked the positions of the SAA and the Russian military, as a result of which the Syrian government forces had to leave their strongholds.