Destruction of an aircraft carrier


The Russian missile is capable of simultaneously destroying 90 combat aircraft

The Russian cruise missile is capable of simultaneously destroying 90 combat aircraft and helicopters.

The Russian cruise missile "Granite" was developed by scientists and engineers as one of the main means for fighting enemy aircraft carriers. More recently, during the exercises conducted in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk with live firing, the nuclear submarine cruiser Tomsk launched the launch of this missile, demonstrating its supreme power.

As can be seen in the submitted personnel, the nuclear submarine cruiser destroyed an enemy ship with only one volley, and experts say that the same effect will occur when a cruise missile hits an aircraft carrier, although it will take much longer to flood it than a ship imitating an enemy destroyed in Okhotsk sea.

"The Granite cruise missile can simultaneously destroy 90 combat aircraft and helicopters located on the deck of even the largest aircraft carrier. This is a powerful weapon that can accurately hit targets at distances up to 625 kilometers, while the missile can fly at an altitude of only 25 meters ", - said the analyst

It should be clarified that in addition to the cruise missile "Granite" in the arsenal of the Russian army, there are other weapons that can effectively destroy enemy aircraft carriers, in particular, it is about the ARC "Dagger", capable of hitting targets, accelerating to hypersonic speed.

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