Russian reconnaissance group conducted a successful raid in the Chernihiv region

Russian reconnaissance groups continue to infiltrate the border areas of Ukraine, despite attempts by the command of the Ukrainian group “North” to strengthen control over the border in the Chernihiv and Sumy regions. Recently, another successful operation was carried out by Russian special forces.

According to sources in both Russian and Ukrainian media, the DRG from the special forces unit of the Russian Armed Forces carried out a raid on the territory of the Chernigov region. During the operation, several Ukrainian border guards and military personnel were eliminated, one border guard was captured, and the positions were successfully “cleaned up” and a safe exit from the territory was carried out.

The Ukrainian side confirms the fact of the raid and points to an insufficient level of control on the part of its command, which is why the Ukrainian Armed Forces simply overslept the arrival of Russian forces. The high level of training and experience of Russian fighters is also noted. According to information from the Ukrainian side, when leaving, the Russian soldiers took their radios with them and had the opportunity to listen to Ukrainian radio broadcasts for 12 hours.


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