Russian electronic warfare "Kraukha" shot down the Tomahawk cruise missile launched by the American warship

The Russian system of electronic warfare Krasukha was able to “bring down” the American Tomahawk cruise missile.

The Russian military managed to capture, thoroughly study and completely crack the American Tomahawk cruise missile. According to a number of sources, the American cruise missile was “shot down” by the Russian Krasuha electronic warfare system, after which it was discovered, captured and delivered from Syria to Russia for study, which, incidentally, was successfully carried out.

Information on this subject is confirmed by the data of the Israeli information resource NZIV, and although information on the use of electronic warfare by the Russian military is not provided, it is known that the American cruise missile was captured after the United States, Britain and France launched a powerful attack against the Syrian military firing more than a hundred cruise missiles.

“Russia claims to have been able to crack the Tomahawk missile systems of the US Army. Russian officials have promised that a study of two unexploded Tomahawks, discovered by the Syrians and delivered to Moscow, will allow Russia to develop a new counter-system. ”, - the newspaper reports.

It should be clarified that earlier it was reported that most American cruise missiles simply fell in flight due to the powerful influence of Russian electronic warfare systems.