Russian electronic warfare creates serious interference with Western satellites over Crimea

There have been reports of frequent attempts by the Ukrainian Armed Forces to attack the Crimean Peninsula and Sevastopol using attack drones. Despite the large number of drones launched, the effectiveness of the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ attacks remains minimal.

Analysts from Defense Express published images of American satellites allegedly demonstrating the operation of Russian electronic warfare (EW) systems in Sevastopol. The photographs show bright reflections, which, according to analysts, are associated with repelling Ukrainian Armed Forces’ attacks on Sevastopol using electronic warfare.

It is alleged that Russia has deployed a significant number of electronic warfare systems to Sevastopol, so effective that their operation has become noticeable even from satellite images. These artifacts in the images arise when the complexes themselves are operating, creating serious problems.

The effectiveness of Russian electronic warfare systems has been demonstrated many times before. They successfully cope with the task of neutralizing air threats, including drones. As a result, the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ attempts to attack the territory of the Crimean Peninsula and Sevastopol with the help of drones do not bring the expected results, thanks to the effective operation of Russian electronic warfare systems.


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