Russian radar station in Cuba with a range of more than 3 thousand kilometers, will cover the entire territory of the United States

A Russian radar station with a range of more than 3 thousand kilometers may appear in Cuba by 2030.

To date, the Russian military has been able to take control of part of the western US territory with the help of its Yakhroma four-band radar, which covers the whole of Alaska, as well as part of the western US territory. This radar will be commissioned already in 2027, however, by 2030, Russia may have another Yakhroma radar at its disposal, which, being deployed in Cuba, will make it possible to control the entire US airspace, learning about the appearance of stealth fighters in the air as soon as the latter rise to a height of several hundred meters.

There are no official statements on this from Russia and Cuba yet, however, against the background of the emergence of information that Russia is interested in deploying its military facilities in Cuba, the information may well be relevant. Moreover, the appearance on Freedom Island of the Russian over-the-horizon radar will make it possible to fully control the movement of any American military aircraft and drones, as well as track the launches of ballistic missiles.

“If you look at the map, it becomes obvious that the eastern and southern directions of the United States are not currently controlled, however, if Russia really decides to build a Yakhroma radar station in Cuba or any other over-the-horizon radar station, the Russian military will gain full control over US airspace <...> Taking into account the network of other radars, Russia will be able to constantly track the movement of American aircraft, in fact, having gained full control over the US Air Force at any time and anywhere in the world ", - the expert marks.

It should be noted that the first Yakhroma radar station should appear on the territory of Crimea - it will cover the entire territory of Europe, part of Asia, the Middle East and part of Africa.

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