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Russian radar for the first time was able to detect American F-22 and stealth bomber B-2 Spirit

The Russian military has successfully tested the latest radar on American F-22s and B-2 Spirit stealth bombers.

The provocative flights of American military and strategic aviation near the Russian borders have become a big problem for the US Air Force. As it became known, during the flights of American combat aircraft near the Russian borders, the Russian military successfully tested its newest over-the-horizon "Container" radar, not only having received the signatures of American aircraft. This will allow them to be recognized in the event of a subsequent approach to the Russian borders, but it will also test the ability of the Russian radar to detect stealth targets.

Earlier it was assumed that American "stealth" aircraft could be detected only at short distances, however, it became known that Russian over-the-horizon radars could well cope with such a task. This was confirmed within the framework of the Army-2021 forum by the general director of the RTI Systems concern Yuri Anoshko.

As follows from the information provided, to date, the Russian radar "Container" deployed in Mordovia has managed to identify not only F-35 fighters, but also American F-22 fighters, as well as strategic stealth bomber B-2 Spirit. This now puts the United States in a very embarrassing position in front of NATO partners, demonstrating the vulnerability of the Pentagon to Russian weapons.

It should be noted that the Russian military intends to deploy several container radars along the Russian borders in the near future.


Well, at least we looked at modern aircraft.

Served on it. You can see everything at a glance, from Karelia all of Scandinavia.

Look where Mordovia is, and they flew over Europe. Think long now!

for the first time in so many years they discovered and are happy as children ...

over-the-horizon radars - the key word over-the-horizon

All the so-called "invisible" planes have also seen Soviet VHF radars.
For example - "P-18 was created on the basis of the P-12MP radar by transferring its equipment to a new element base. At the same time, the radar was interfaced with a new radar system for identifying the nationality of aircraft" Silicon-2M "created by that time. Radar P-18 in 1971 was adopted by the Soviet army. "
This station even saw the convergence of satellites from orbit.
It was installed at almost every air defense airfield - Air Force, not far from them.
1971 year.
Draw conclusions.

They really fly with Luneberg lenses, and they are not invisible at all, but inconspicuous.

Previously, they screamed that Russia has long had systems that detect stealth aircraft, but here you have a statement, it turns out that they were first discovered. The author you are not in the subject, stop lying!

Let's hear the Americans fly on purpose with Luneberg lenses turned on

These aircraft have long been detected by Russian radars, and the Container radar detects them thousands of kilometers away.

The fact of detection is not the fact of tracking and targeting.

The language is given to clever people in order to hide their thoughts.



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