Filin system


The Russian Eagle Owl system is a miracle weapon against the USA: it has already been tested on the Americans

The Russian Eagle owl system turned out to be more dangerous for Americans than cruise missiles.

The newest Russian Filin system, possessing a huge radius of influence on the enemy, turned out to be an extremely dangerous weapon for any enemy. The capabilities of this complex of non-lethal effects are already called much more dangerous than the use of cruise missiles, since it is almost impossible to defend themselves from it.

“The Russian system of visual-optical interference" Eagle Owl "is able to panic the US military. For the first time about the system it became known last year. Then the American military only waved it off, saying that they had the same equipment. However, then in the United States drew attention to one point, which was initially missed. The fact is that the Russian "Eagle Owl" does not just blind the enemy. The system is also capable of causing dizziness and even hallucinations in people exposed to it. ”- This is reported by the publication Tsargrad.

It is noteworthy that, in fact, the prototype of the Russian Filin system could already be tested on the Americans. In particular, experts recall the case when the Russian Su-24 demoralized the crew of the US destroyer Donald Cook, while not committing any significant aggressive actions, the Russian military forced the members of the American warship to resign.