Russian air defense system S-500 will be created in 2021

The completion of the creation of the Russian S-500 air defense system was postponed to 2021.

Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Aerospace Forces (VKS) of the Russian Federation, Lieutenant General Andrei Yudin, in an interview with the Russian military publication Krasnaya Zvezda, said that the creation of the latest domestic air defense system (also qualifies as an anti-missile defense system - approx. ) will be completed in 2021, although it was previously assumed that the system has already been created and is being tested.

"It should be noted that the completion of the creation of the S-2021 mobile air and missile defense system is planned for 500", - said Andrey Yudin.

Given the time shift, the S-500 systems will most likely enter service with the Russian army no earlier than 2025, and this is provided that all the required tests are completed successfully.

Today, the S-500 Prometheus systems are considered the most promising air defense / missile defense systems, since they can hit targets at distances of up to 600 kilometers, monitoring the airspace within a radius of 800 kilometers.

According to some reports, the serial production of the S-500 "Prometheus" provides for the creation of one complex of the system per year (taking into account the tests carried out).