A Russian air defense system shot down a Turkish military helicopter. Video

Russian MANPADS shot down a Turkish military helicopter.

The Turkish military command accused Russia of involvement in the destruction of a Turkish military helicopter in the northeastern part of Turkey, while trying to enter Syrian airspace. As a result of the work of the Russian air defense complex, and we are talking about Igla MANPADS, the Bell AH-1 Cobra helicopter was shot down - according to the Turkish military, so Russia responded to the destruction of the Su-24 front-line bomber by the Turkish F-16.

“The Turkish military command considers the incident with the attack on its Bell AH-1 Cobra attack helicopter in 2016 as Russia's retaliation for the“ aircraft ”crisis that erupted in November 2015. This, in particular, is stated in the testimony of the Turkish staff colonel Mehmet Shahin, which was published by the Stockholm organization Nordic Research Monitoring Network. The Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) carried out an incident in northeastern Turkey that killed local soldiers, but Ankara believes the militants used weapons supplied by Moscow. It was Russia that "organized" the attack on the Bell AH-1 Cobra helicopter, transferring the Igla portable anti-aircraft missile system (MANPADS) to the PKK militants. From it the blow was delivered. “The Russians first demonstrated the missile on the Bosphorus, and then they shot down our AH-1 Cobra attack helicopter in the Hakkari province on the border with Iraq,” Shahin said. -18, as on the ship "", - about it сообщает edition "TKS".

Experts call such arguments completely unjustified, noting that the fact that the Kurds have Russian weapons does not at all mean a connection with Moscow.

“These accusations from Turkey are completely groundless. You can just as well try to look for the Kremlin's hand in any incident where Russian Kalashnikovs, tanks, airplanes, etc. were involved. If Russia really had such an interest, the Kurds would have full-fledged air defense systems, OTRK and tanks., - said the analyst

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