ZRS Prometheus


Russian S-500 "Prometheus" system can strike land and sea targets with hypersonic missiles

The Russian S-500 Prometheus will become not only an air defense / missile defense system, but also a hypersonic missile complex.

The Russian S-500 Prometheus system will receive a unique opportunity not only to attack air and space targets, but also to strike at ground and even sea targets. Information on this subject is actively disseminated on the Web with reference to unnamed sources. It is noted that in addition to their main function, if necessary, the Russian Prometheus systems can allow the Russian military to attack enemy positions with hypersonic cruise missiles, while it is reported that the strike distance can be up to a thousand kilometers.

Experts note that such an opportunity for the Russian S-500 systems can indeed be present, subject to the availability of an appropriate missile for striking land and sea targets. In fact, such systems can be armed with hypersonic two-stage cruise missiles, but it is not known whether such missiles were developed for the Russian Prometheus.

According to some reports, the Russian S-500 Prometey air defense systems may be adopted by Russia by the end of this year - as soon as all state tests are completed.

For the people, new weapons are constantly being transmitted in all media to destroy people, equipment of buildings, this may be interesting for the military

I personally saw how an enemy aerospace aircraft moved with an acceleration of more than 5 km per second in a quarter. Is the S-500 capable of shooting down such an enemy vehicle?

It is impossible to ensure the accuracy of hitting a stationary ground target and a moving sea target. This requires different missiles.

The C500 works with both land and sea targets, easily. Well done developers and testers of these systems!

Maybe we should return the RSD-10 Pioneer?

Yes, if only the container was unified. And what program / goal to write to the missile control unit is already a second time.

Iskander needs to make the first stage and thus increase the range, it makes no sense to make a large whole rocket - to drag the burned-out heavy part of the rocket. two steps will maximize the range

Why "can" was originally intended.
With 400 it also works on ground targets, if necessary. There is a video on the network where, on tests with 400 anti-aircraft missiles, targets are hit at a height of 4 m from the surface of the earth at a distance of 1 km from the launcher. It would be strange if the C 500 did not inherit this.