The Russian S-500 Prometey system has been tested

It became known that the testing of the Russian S-500 Prometheus system was completed. ”

Foreign media, citing Russian military sources, announced the completion of tests of the latest Russian S-500 Prometheus anti-aircraft missile system, which is the most long-range air defense and missile defense system in the world.

“Russia is completing testing of elements of the S-500 Prometheus anti-aircraft missile system. Testing went through the launcher, the missile defense locator, the chassis for the combat control station, as well as the transport units for the early warning radar system. S-500 "Prometheus" refers to the new generation of ground-to-air air defense systems. It is a universal complex of long-range and high-altitude interception with increased missile defense potential. The system is capable of hitting not only ballistic, but also aerodynamic targets, as well as cruise missiles. "Prometheus" will be ready for deliveries to the armed forces of the country this year "- reports "CGTN".

It is not known how long the final stage of testing the latest Russian air defense / missile defense system will take, however, according to experts, state tests can be completed already this year, after which the system will begin to be supplied to the Russian military and will become one of the most powerful means of deterring the enemy.