Russian super radar detected strike of unknown aircraft in Iran

The Russian Container radar detected unknown aircraft that attacked Iran from the airspace of Azerbaijan.

The transfer by the Iranian military of the modernized Soviet S-75 air defense systems to the border with Azerbaijan, as well as the recent mysterious explosion at an Iranian military facility, led experts to conclude that these two events are related. The reason for this was the fact that it was from the airspace of Azerbaijan that earlier attacks were carried out on the Iranian military, and in the winter of this year a drone was taken up from the territory of Azerbaijan, which took part in the liquidation of the commander Kassem Suleimani. According to experts, assistance in identification was provided by the Russian Container radar, which has an effective range that can detect air targets at distances of several thousand kilometers.

Iran has not officially confirmed the fact that the explosion at a military nuclear facility occurred due to an attack by external forces. Nevertheless, taking into account the arguments of experts and the transfer of air defense systems to the least protected area, experts expressed the view that Azerbaijan could be responsible for the operation, as it is assumed, by American or Israeli forces. At the moment, the urgency of the deployment of anti-aircraft missile systems remains unknown, however. Analysts believe that Iran’s opponents may try to arrange a new provocation from the airspace of Azerbaijan, and this time Iran is ready to give a powerful answer.