Russian military air base will be located in the south of Belarus

Belarus provided the Russian Su-30 and Su-35 fighters with a military air base 40 kilometers from the border with Ukraine.

At the military airfield near Luninets, located just 40 kilometers from the Belarusian-Ukrainian border, Russian fighters will be deployed. According to sources, we are talking about the transfer of a military airfield to the Russian military for a long time. At the same time, specifically for the needs of the Russian Aerospace Forces, barracks and residential buildings for Russian military and pilots will be built near the military airfield.

“Apparently, a long-standing topic with the deployment of a Russian air base in Belarus has entered the practical plane. Belarusian anonymous sources report that today, on January 26, representatives of construction companies were summoned to the Luninets district executive committee of the Brest region, who were informed that several barracks and two residential buildings for the Russian military should be built in the area close to the airfield as soon as possible. Su-30SM/Su-35 fighters will allegedly be based at the airfield.”, - informs "Telegram" - community "Militarist".

There are no official statements from the Belarusian authorities on this matter yet, however, given the tension in relations between Russia, Ukraine and the West, the Belarusian side could well take such steps, although the Belarusian leader just a few months ago stated that on Russian military bases will not be located on the territory of the country.

Russian sources do not yet confirm, but do not refute the appearance of such information.

Residents of Luninets are not happy with such news, as well as the whole country.

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