Air Base Khmeimim


Russian military air base again attacked by drones

Militants launched a new attack on the Russian military airbase "Hmeymim."

A few hours ago, social networks reported that the Russian military airbase Hmeimim was again attacked by terrorists from the Hayat Tahrir ash-Sham group. According to the data presented, the attack was carried out with the use of drones.

Despite the militants' new attempt to attack the Russian air base in the province of Latakia, the attack was successfully repulsed by the Russian air defense systems, but analysts say that the fact of new terrorist attacks indicates the need to continue striking their positions.

The exact number of drones who took part in the attack on the Russian military airbase "Khmeimim" still remains unknown - according to some data, the militants used five drones, according to others - nine aircraft.

It should be clarified that after a whole series of strikes by the Russian Aerospace Forces on the positions of terrorists, part of the multiple launch rocket systems used earlier for rocket attacks on the Chemeim base were destroyed, as a result of which attacks using the MLRS on the Russian military airfield were temporarily stopped.

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