Russian military delegation flew to Latin America

The plane of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation flew to Latin Armerica.

After Russia's threats of readiness to deploy its military contingent, bases, infrastructure and even nuclear missile weapons in Latin American countries, this morning it became known that a special aircraft of the Russian Ministry of Defense flew in the direction of Latin America. Who exactly can be on board the Il-62M aircraft of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation is unknown, however, apparently, we are really talking about probable negotiations with Venezuela and Cuba on the deployment of Russian weapons and military infrastructure on the territory of these countries.

According to data published by the Telegram channel Hunter's Notes, a special Il-62M aircraft of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, during a flight to Latin America, made an intermediate landing at Damascus International Airport, after which it continued its flight across the Atlantic Ocean. The exact destination of the Russian side is not called. Initially, the plane of the Russian Ministry of Defense will probably make a flight to Venezuela, after which it will also move towards Cuba.

At the moment, there are no comments from the Russian defense department, however, it is noteworthy that a special flight of the Russian FSB returned from Latin America a few days ago. This may indicate preparations for a visit by a Russian Defense Ministry delegation to Venezuela and Cuba.

That's when we become a superpower and then they will be removed, but for now we are a country of the 3rd world.

And why is it strange, this is an airplane, and how it should fly, through Syria or directly, is decided by the crew in accordance with the flight task.


From Moscow to Latin America via Syria? Somehow I stopped understanding geography.

This is what politicians talk about on TV all the time.

We took off on IL-62, and in the photo Tu-154 .....?

They don't want anything from there, they want something from there, if you don't understand.

Maybe, maybe, maybe not.
The author needs to tell fortunes on the cards and tell us.

The "correct" shots at that time were busy with other things

So what is the article about? Are you blind?
It is the deployment of missiles in Latin America that is what you are talking about.

Did they fly to Mexico?

Because that's what they're doing right now.

Board FR)

Alexander. The enemy (sorry, "partner") must be misled about the movements of our military. So you got caught in this photo with TU154 instead of IL62. So they will get confused and will look in the sky where TU 154 will land. But in fact, perhaps our military delegation will move to South America along with Konyukhov in a rowboat. (This is a joke, if someone does not understand)

The Russian borders have not been cleared of mercenary bases and the wax of the United States and NATO. Why are they not talking about this, and why Russia, as a superpower, does not force all opponents to get away from our borders.

Drink tequila and come back with nothing.

Yeah. Show Tu-154 and write about IL-62 ....
The authors are unsuccessful.

The Russian military delegation flew to Latin America - either on the Il-52M, or on the Il-62M, or on the ultra-long "carcass", which is in the photo



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