The Russian nuclear torpedo “Status-6” does not exist. Video

The Russian nuclear torpedo “Status-6” does not exist.

The Russian nuclear unmanned torpedo “Status-6” turned out to be a non-existent Russian weapon. To date, only the development of these weapons is underway, and not a single instance of this weapon has been assembled, although as previously stated, this submarine unmanned nuclear device has already been tested.

“The Russian perspective Poseidon unmanned aerial vehicle will be launched for the first time this fall, RIA Novosti reports, citing a source in the military-industrial complex. According to the interlocutor, the launch will take place from the side of the Belgorod nuclear submarine. The source added that “Poseidon” “has not yet been assembled, it is testing individual components and assemblies.” The head of the Center for the Study of Public Applied Problems of National Security, retired Colonel Alexander Zhilin believes that the drone "can practically be on alert without any restrictions and perform tasks at any time"- сообщает publication.

Tests of individual components and elements of a nuclear submarine drone indicate that the comprehensive tests of the Stutus-6 have not even been carried out, and it is likely that they are unlikely to begin even in the next few years, however, the fact that what then representatives of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation showed, demonstrating tests of a nuclear torpedo.

“It is absolutely clear that if we are talking about testing individual components and assemblies, then we are not talking about any readiness of a nuclear underwater vehicle. Given that a comprehensive check of all systems can last for several years, after which state tests will follow, until the middle of the current decade, “Status-6” is unlikely to appear on Russian submarines, which, by the way, are also in the “break-in” mode ”, - the expert marks.

It should be clarified that according to some data, the Russian Status-6 device can be equipped with thermonuclear charges with a capacity of 100-200 megatons.

Houston, we have problems ... We are no longer Houston ...

Lukashenko has nothing to do with it. And they all lie. The fact is that some forces already want to include Poseidon in the START treaty.
You can first sign a contract, and then already launch the product. And you can declare that the product is already ready, and urge to sign the contract.

Then a model of a hundred megaton bomb was detonated. Think about what kind of explosion might be called a model explosion.

Yes, but its capacity was halved at the insistence of Sakharov. Initially, they planned to explode a 100 megaton bomb. So 200 megatons is not the limit. The Sakharov “puff”, which makes it possible to use Uranium 238 as a warhead, which is shared by the fast neutrons generated by the thermonuclear reaction, allows the creation of charges of at least gigaton power. It should be said that Uranus 238 in the world is accumulated like dirt. Another thing is that an explosion of such power will have planetary consequences.

Anyone who wants to downplay Putin’s achievements must know the state of the army under Yeltsin and how we were reckoned with in those days. These are two different armies. They only withstood thanks to the nuclear potential, which would also be covered with a copper basin, because of the deployable missile defense system

Exists? .. Doesn't exist? .. However, scary!
What if? .. So let them be afraid!

from 100 Mg, not to mention 200, will go to the whole globe and not only to the USA .. hehe))

It’s enough to lose a sleeping warhead in the Mexican Fault, which will wait in the wings X. And then the tsunami will wash the US into the ocean!

no and never will. The tandem only in 2002 promised, well, to the elections.

Torpedoes "Poseidon" in the form in which it was announced, can not be by definition. Any nuclear stockpile must be tightly controlled. Especially if its power is huge. This torpedo-bookmark is designed to destroy the AUG, that's all. Moreover, it is laid with a submarine uterus shortly before the passage of the AUG. The walking AUG is not able to detect it, this is the whole point of the weapon. The torpedo is controllable within a hundred or two miles if the AUG suddenly changes direction.

The "specialist" incognito commented on the "source": "status" is postponed until the middle of the next decade. "Information", killer for "status".

Today Putin and Lukashenko are competing in lies

In the USA, they showed 4 similar deep-sea, high-speed torpedo drones.

The power of thermonuclear munitions can be raised almost unlimitedly. Increasing only
the amount of lithium deuteride 6. An isotope providing a thermonuclear reaction.

Two hundred megatons? Maybe more modest? The most powerful Kuzkina Mother air bomb blown up over Novaya Zemlya was 50 megatons.

That's right, it was impossible to reveal the secrets of the presence of such weapons in Russia ahead of time.
There is this excellent and it is already standing off the coast of America.
But it must be said that he is not yet.

Check on your east coast whether it exists or not, but rather think what exactly exists, as they say, hope for the worst and you will never be disappointed.

The same story as with the Crimean bridge! It is not there, it cannot be, they will still be building for a long time, it is already collapsing, it has already collapsed, etc.))) one and the same song for Our achievements and developments!

The author. And who told you all this? Again, a world expert who did not see this product in your eyes? A secret product, and there are a lot of expert truth-tellers, only they can’t understand that there is no data on this product and will not be until they finish the test I write as I assembled and tested the mechanisms for the nuclear submarine. Leave the topic alone. Get the admission and you will find out everything.

And, well, the tape "this is of course, yes, this is credibility))) This is, like," rain "but only yellow, yellow ..))))