An aircraft-124


Russian An-124 refused to detain at the request of Ukraine

Countries refused to detain Russian An-124 at the request of Ukraine.

A few weeks ago, the Ukrainian side issued an appeal in which it demanded that the whole world ban the use of the services of Russian air carriers using An-124 transport planes, citing violations in their operation. Moreover, the Ukrainian side demanded the immediate arrest of these planes, in the case of landings at one or another international airport.

Despite the fact that the United States is increasingly acting against Russia, even Washington refused to detain Russian transport aircraft that continue to fly over the United States, delivering oversized cargo from one point of the globe to another.

According to experts, this is primarily due to the fact that today there is no way to replace these heavy transport airplanes, and carriers from other countries have orders painted several months in advance, and therefore the operation of these aircraft is very important. even for the USA.

Earlier, Ukraine declared its readiness to submit relevant complaints to international bodies, however, given the fact that most countries cannot refuse to use the services of Russia, this will not create any significant effect.

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