Submarine missile launch


Russian nuclear submarines turned out to be the main trump card of Belarus - NATO is ready to pay for these classified data

Disclosed damage to Russian national security due to the loss of a tracking station for Russian submarines in Belarus.

The military base of the Russian Navy deployed on the territory of Belarus, and we are talking about a communication and tracking station for nuclear submarines located on the territory of Vileika, can turn out to be a very serious blow to the national interests of Russia. In fact, this communication and tracking station allows NATO countries to receive data on the almost exact location of Russian nuclear submarines on combat duty in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans (coverage area is partial - ed.).

At the moment, there is information that Belarus refused to Russia in the further use of this communication and tracking station, which means that from 2021 the station will stop working. The likelihood that Minsk can transfer the rights to use this military facility to NATO countries is now very high, and therefore, the military alliance can get access to the most classified information.

A few months ago, negotiations between the Russian and Belarusian sides did indeed take place, however, there has not yet been an official response to this issue either from Moscow or Minsk, which, according to a large number of experts, means that Russia will lose control of two military facilities at once. in the territory of a neighboring country.

That's right!

It's easier to dismantle you than an antenna field with masts of 300 meters

This is a Russian military base - what are the secrets? Are the walls secret there? They dismantle the equipment and there will be no secrets left.