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Russian airlines refused to remove civilian passengers for the sake of the military

At a recent meeting at the Federal Air Transport Agency, Russia's largest air carriers, including Aeroflot, S7, Ural Airlines, Utair, Rossiya and Nordwind, unanimously refused a request to remove civilian passengers from flights in favor of the military. Information about this was confirmed by "Base".

Airline representatives say their decision is based on compliance with current legislation that does not allow such practices. The refusal was given, despite the justification of the importance and necessity of such measures for the military, heading from the NVO zone on vacation or back to the duty station.

However, an agreement was nevertheless reached. The carriers pledged to reserve five seats on each flight specifically for military personnel. If tickets are not purchased 12 hours before departure, they will be offered for public sale.

The issue of possible damage to passports and military cards, which are often held by the military, was also discussed. Here the airlines have decided to redirect this problem to the transport security services.

Thus, air carriers have shown respect for both the law and the interests of all passengers, regardless of their civil or military status.


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