Increase in the volume of air transportation


Russian airlines transported on the Crimean peninsula and back to June of this year, about 296 thousand passengers

1 July. Over the past June, Russian airlines transported thousands of passengers to the Crimea and back around 296.

It is noted that this figure exceeds the volume of similar passenger traffic last year, more than three and a half times, and it should be noted that the holiday season and the rest of the sea has only just begun, so it should be possible to assume that, in July rate of passenger traffic on the airplanes of Russian companies will increase more more.

It is also noted that daily Simferopol Airport It serves about 100 flights from different parts of the Russian Federation. In addition, the increase in passenger traffic of the airport for the current half of the year grew by more than 20 percent and is expected to serve the airport until the end of the year about 3 million passengers.