Russian aircraft manufacturers cannot assemble a single MC-21 aircraft - new sanctions delayed production by 8 years

Russian promising airliner MS-21 again cannot be mass-produced - the sanctions put an end to the Russian aircraft.

The sanctions imposed by the West against Russia affected the newest domestic passenger airliner MS-21. According to the data announced at the meeting of the President of Russia with the aviation industry workers, the Russian MC-21 aircraft has new problems - due to problems with the supply of composite materials, and, obviously, their components, Russia still cannot start producing these aircraft.

“At a meeting with workers in the nuclear industry, Russian President Vladimir Putin criticized Western sanctions, according to which Russia stopped supplying composite materials for the construction of the MC-21 aircraft. The Russian leader stressed that the new MC-21 medium-range aircraft has nothing to do with the defense complex against which the sanctions were imposed. According to Putin, the deliveries were actually stopped for reasons of unfair competition. "Well, what is it. This is just rudeness. On the world market," Putin said, adding that our Western partners know what we will do anyway, but just so that Russia later comes up with this proposal, and they have time to occupy these niches and markets ", - about it сообщает Russian edition "Moskovsky Komsomolets".

Apparently, despite the work done to create its own composite material, the aircraft still cannot be put into mass production, and this is a very unfavorable detail for the domestic manufacturer - companies and countries that have previously entered into with Russia has an agreement in this regard.

It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that initially the serial production of the MC-21 was planned for 2017, then postponed to 2018, later it became known about the preparation of the serial production of airliners in 2021, however, there are assumptions that production will not begin earlier than 2025.

They have already been created, update the manuals more often.

By the time we create our "compasites", the Americans will have created their "pompezites" and again it will take 8 years to catch up with them.

Of course, we continue because the money and production will be closed the next day after the termination of supplies.

Can't you squeeze Boeing with titanium?

But we are building many temples ...
And we don't need our own production ... (((

Really it will never come to pass that you cannot rely on the West! They can’t help spoil Russia! Moreover, if they themselves can win something at the same time.

What kind of a domestic aircraft is it if it consists entirely of imported components? Well this is how far-sighted you need to design a product and develop a technical assembly process on such terms of cooperation with Western countries. We seem to have a completely blind Foreign Ministry and no foreign intelligence.

I wonder if we continue to diligently supply titanium products and composites for their aviation industry?

Again they wrote nonsense, the Ross composite is suitable for the MC21 wing and the wing has already passed a successful test!

When next year ours will make their composites for their planes, it will again turn out that those who knew our western partners sawed down the branch on which they were sitting. Having deceived myself for tens of billions of dollars, and in the future - hundreds. And we will learn how to press them in the composite market.