DBK Bastion


Russian "Bastions" in Libya cut off the path of American aircraft carriers in the Black Sea

Russian DBK "Bastion" cut off American aircraft carriers from access to the Black Sea.

The appearance on the territory of Libya of Russian coastal missile systems "Bastion" has become the reason that American aircraft carriers are unlikely to appear in the central part of the Mediterranean Sea with any provocative actions against Russia. One such complex allows you to control the sea space of 100 thousand square kilometers, and taking into account the media data on the transfer of three such complexes to Libya, Russia will be able to control the sea space with an area of ​​several hundred thousand square kilometers, and this is not to mention that “Bastions »Can also be placed on the coast of Syria.

“The military representatives of Egypt and Russia said that Cairo asked Moscow to expedite the supply of coastal defense systems, in particular Bastion DBK, to the Libyan National Army. Sources said that the Bastion system is capable of protecting the coast more than 600 km long from potential landing of the enemy, since the complex is deployed at combat facilities in just five minutes. ”- reports the publication "AMN".

In Washington a week earlier it was announced that if Russia creates its new stronghold in Libya, then the North Atlantic Alliance may begin to face very serious problems, since most of the Mediterranean Sea, and, consequently, access to the Persian Gulf and access to the Black Sea, will be controlled by Russia.

The Russian side has not officially commented on the supply of Bastion coastal missile systems to Libya, however, it is obvious that amid regular shipments of cargo and military transport aircraft from Syria to this North African country, Russia is extremely interested in partnerships, including militarily relationship with LNA.

Error in the title of the article: "-Russian Bastion DBK cut off American aircraft carriers from access to the Black Sea." While Russia and the United States maintain peaceful relations, the Russian Bastions will not be able to influence the route of the movements of American aircraft carriers. "But if the United States dares to attack Russian troops in Syria, as it once happened after the events in Khan Sheikhun, only in this situation the bastions Now they play a chess role: they only pose a threat of blow, but they don’t beat ...

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It would be better in Morocco, and not in Libya.