Russian warships demonstratively passed next to the armada of the 6th US Navy Fleet

A group of Russian warships demonstratively marched alongside an armada of ships from the US Sixth Fleet.

A few hours ago, a group of three Russian warships, led by the large anti-submarine ship "Vice-Admiral Kulakov", moved from the Russian military base in Syrian Tartus towards Gibraltar, with the aim of further dispatch to the Barents Sea. Nevertheless, Russian naval sailors decided not to pass through the central part of the Mediterranean Sea, but took a little further north, in order to demonstratively show their presence to a group of warships of the US Sixth Fleet.

“Having got there one by one and already formed there, a mighty detachment of ships of the Northern Fleet consisting of the large anti-submarine ship“ Vice-Admiral Kulakov ”, the medium sea tanker“ Akademik Pashin ”and the rescue tugboat“ Altai ”in the first decade of October completed the tasks as part of the group forces of the Navy in the Mediterranean and began to move home to the cold waters of the Barents Sea. At present, the tanker "Akademik Pashin" is located not far from the wasp nest of the 6th operational fleet of the US Navy - Souda Bay base, about. Crete. Somewhere nearby, or maybe not quite, there should be other members of this friendly team. ", - about it сообщает Russian "Telegram" -channel "Operative Line".

The three Russian warships do not represent any significant power, however, obviously, this seriously hurt the Americans, who did not even imagine that the Russian military would appear in this area.

The 1972 agreement on the prevention of incidents at sea between the fleets of the USSR and the USA is still in force.

The Russian fleet is represented In the person of the large anti-submarine ship "Vice-Admiral Kulakov" Tanker "Pashin" and the rescue tug - this is ONE combat ship and TWO support ships (our boats do not go to such distances, since there are ships) ... Scare targets for sure there was no (not children), but the flag was shown!

Read to the end and catch the essence. By the way, launch containers with calibers are also installed on the tanker.

They already scared and very successfully ... And then they just turned to them and showed their middle finger.)))

Mighty squad: tanker and tug

a mighty squadron of ships BOD, a tanker and a tug. What is this about? What nonsense? And what about a tugboat to haul the BOD in front of the Americans?

A battleship, a tanker and a boat ... Who did they pass there? Not by the case of an aircraft carrier group of ships? Frightened to death, I suppose!