Russian warships and submarines spotted off the northern coast of Japan

Japan has announced the threat of Russian warships and submarines off its coast.

Russian warships and submarines of the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy were spotted by the Japan Defense Forces off its northern coast. Since February, the activity of Russian warships off the coast of Japan has been a very serious concern, according to the Japanese military. At the same time, there is evidence that after the incident that occurred near the island of Urup, the activity of Russian warships and submarines has only increased.

Images provided by the Japan Defense Forces Command show Russian warships and submarines that have been seen approaching Japan's northern borders.

Data on the distance to Japanese territorial waters is not given, however, taking into account the photographs taken, the passages were carried out in relative proximity to Japanese territorial waters, although, as stated, no violations of the maritime space of Japan were recorded.

On the other hand, experts note that the recent incident with the penetration of a US Navy submarine into Russian waters may be closely related to Japan, although there is currently no evidence of Tokyo's involvement in this.

It's Japan that got too close to the southern borders of Russia in the Far East. We very much ask the Japanese side to move as far south as possible from the borders of Russia. Thanks to this, the Japanese side will be able to relax and not cause concern.