Russian warships moved into the test area of ​​American hypersonic missiles

Russian warships headed for the launch area of ​​American hypersonic missiles.

A group of Russian warships, heading towards the Hawaiian Islands, headed for the area of ​​the alleged tests of American hypersonic weapons. This is reported by the Telegram-community "Operational Line", noting that by the time of the launch of the hypersonic missile, scheduled for June 21, Russian warships of the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy will arrive just in the test area.

“Russian sailors participating in the exercises of the diverse forces of the Pacific Fleet near the Hawaii archipelago may well have to see and document a couple more exciting events. On June 21 (the main day, in case of force majeure, the event can be one of three days following June 21) from the starting position of the training ground on Kodiak Island, Alaska, in the direction of the Kwajalein atoll, it is planned to launch something, estimated, a hypersonic missile on range of about 6000 km. Well, and no less interesting and promising is planned to be launched on June 20 (main date) from the US west coast towards Hawaii at a distance of about 4500 km. ", - said in the published material.

Earlier it really became known that the United States intends to conduct tests of hypersonic missiles at the end of this month, while one of the launches was to take place from the territory of Alaska.

Experts do not exclude that Russia can really take a similar step in order to find out what capabilities American hypersonic weapons have.