Russian warships took in the pincers of the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle

Due to NATO provocations, Russia sent three warships to defend their bases at once.

Against the background of the provocations organized by the French fleet, Russia was forced to send three warships to escort NATO military ships, which clamped the military ships of the French strike group into pincers, giving the latter no chance of provocation.

“The strike group of the Navy’s ships, consisting of two missile frigates of the Black Sea Fleet, two missile corvettes and one landing ship of the Baltic Fleet, continues to carry out tracking tasks for the aircraft carrier-multipurpose group of the French Navy led by aircraft carrier FS Charles de Gaulle”- reports "Telegram" community "Operation Line".

Given the fact that Russian warships are clearly superior to the capabilities of the French aircraft carrier strike group, and at the same time remain under the cover of the Russian Navy base in Tartus and the Khmeimim air base, it is obvious that Russia is demonstrating its dominance in this area of ​​the Mediterranean Sea

“Two frigates and two corvettes of the Russian fleet are able to demonstrate their strength to the French aircraft carrier and the strike group, which he leads. Obviously, at the moment it is only a demonstration of readiness to defend the disposition of forces of the Russian fleet. This is more than unbelievable, since a few years ago, Russian warships were under constant surveillance by NATO ships ”, - the expert marks.

Italy did so. She sent her ship to the Black Sea to the Russian maritime border. A representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry spoke.

The French need to be reminded 1812-Borodino, 1814 March of KAZAKOV in Paris, 1853-1856 .... The Crimean War - "who comes to us with a sword from the sword and perishes ...!

And how Italy differs, the same member of NATO ....

I would not even be surprised if Italy did this to us.

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