Russian fleet


Russian warships protect Iranian tankers from Israeli attacks

Russian warships took Iranian tankers and bulk carriers under protection.

After several Israeli attacks on Iranian naval vessels in the neutral waters of the Mediterranean Sea, it became known that the Russian fleet began to provide protection for Iranian civilian ships from attacks from Israel. According to the Israeli media, the move was very unexpected for Israel, since any rocket attack or an attempt by the Israeli military to seize an Iranian ship. Russia can answer very harshly, up to the attack and destruction of aggressive ships.

“Sources say that in recent days there have been intensive meetings between representatives of Russia, Iran and Syria, at which it was decided to create a naval coordination headquarters of the three countries for what was defined as“ a way to break the siege of Syria. ” Sources say that "the joint action is aimed primarily at improving the coordination and safety of the arrival of oil" (to Syria). While the Russian-Iranian-Syrian message concerns only the American and European navies (the latter operate in the Mediterranean as part of NATO), there is no doubt that it also targets the Israeli fleet. Israel would prefer not to enter into a military confrontation with Russia in the Mediterranean. A Russian source notes that the Russian fleet is providing constant escort to four Iranian oil tankers. "- сообщает Israeli news publication "Debka".

It should be noted that the Israeli side did not really any longer interfere with the movement of Iranian ships to Syria, even despite the fact that the IRGC forces several times attacked Israeli civilian ships near their borders (officially these data were not confirmed by Tehran - ed.) ...

Likewise, Israel is as foshist as Iran. Business then .... Nothing better.

"Was Israel"?
Israel as a state emerged after the Second World War. If not for the USSR, it may not have existed.

Is Israel not a fascist state?

To begin with, I would like to decide who attacked whom, right?)

Is your memory bad?

Israel has long become an aggressor and we can't understand it)) in the minds of the whole world, the memory of the years of fascism is still there) that's the result

are you talking about the Nazi state of Israel so you say? Well, I made fun))

Why is Israel attacking Sar

Peaceful Israel? what are you smoking?

Did you command these operations or did you hold the candle? Now there are continuous accusations of each other for all sins all around, but there is no evidence!

Israel was, is and will be! And it is not necessary to carry nonsense to the masses, representing Israel as a military base and a country that is just waiting for a case to use nuclear weapons! No need to look for a speck in someone else's eye, it is better to try to remove the log from your own eye!

Did Israel ask Russia to protect them from Iran? Here is the answer.

April 24, 2021 20:57 PM
The Syrian agency Sana reports that a fire broke out on one of the oil tankers moored off the coast of the Syrian city of Baniyas.
Lebanese TV channel Al-Mayadin, the mouthpiece of Hezbollah, claims that the tanker was attacked by a drone.

Because the Islamist-fascist Iran openly declares
about their plans to destroy peace-loving Israel: Israel is forced to defend itself against the aggression of the Islamist Iranian fascists.

The reason for this is as simple as a donut: this country is a friend of the Islamist-fascist Iran and, accordingly, Israel's worst enemy. In my opinion, Israel should take into account the hostile actions of this country in its foreign policy.

Something I can not remember about the military treaty between Russia and Iran.

Andrey, by God it is so! Previously, Israel really fought for independence, fought off the entire encirclement, but now, thanks to the United States, it has become the main aggressor in the Mediterranean. Correctly they say, this is not a state with military bases, but a military base pretending to be a state. Of course, in the near foreseeable future Israel, as a state, will be destroyed, it is in a historically hostile environment, just waiting for a reason to attack. An attempt on his part to use nuclear weapons will immediately wipe him off the face of the Earth. The territory is too small!

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Is it high time for the Israelis to hang properly? !!! They did not apologize for our Il ... It seems that when they see the US scammer (and they are already very weak), they will behave much more correctly !!! And this is a fact, Mussieu Natanyahu !!!

Russia's actions should be regarded as PROTECTING ENVIRONMENTAL security in the neutral waters of the Mediterranean Sea.
What actually Green Ecologists are talking about is “drowning” for decades.

You probably liked it better when they wiped their feet about us in the 90s, then we were comfortable for everyone. You read neutral waters, not territorial ones, they do the right thing that they protect. And where did you get the idea that your opinion is the opinion of the country?

Here Stalin helped create an aggressive gathering on the lands of Palestine. What a "sage" he was. And it doesn't hurt, there are a lot of them in the Autonomous Okrug. Everyone wants to live in Moscow and St. Petersburg. And all Arabs have a bone in the throat of Enti Odessans ...

A merciless war is being waged against terrorists.

On April 21, an Iranian missile hit an Israeli nuclear center. Israel responded with a blow to Domask. The fuse of war is kindled. Information not from official sources.

Because Iran does not kill Israel's generals. And does not conduct terrorist attacks

Why are Israeli warships near Iranian borders? The cow also slaps the flies with its tail that land on it.

Because Iran attacked Israeli ships that violated their territorial waters.

Because Iran and Syria officially asked for help and allowed Russian troops to be on their territory. And why protect "those" who did not ask))) And is it worth it to protect such.

The children of Israel are pirating, their military doctrine is comparable to the German fascist.

Israel is like a boy from the gym "eh, the silushka flows through the veins." An ambitious state that often trains its troops on the living people of adjacent territories. He was really out of luck with the territory.

Is it okay that Israel killed an Iranian general in Iraq, staged a terrorist attack at the Iranian nuclear facility? Iran has held back for too long.

Write your claim to Sportloto. There must be an answer why.

Mr. Putin, your paths are at odds with the interests of Russia, so watch the events in silence, for the inscrutable paths of everyone that hinder these interests lead to the sad consequences of the 1937 model. But this is your choice and your path, Mr. Putin.

The site itself confirms that Iran attacked Israeli ships. This means Israel has every right to respond to these actions. Why didn't Russia protect Israeli ships from Iran? That is the question?