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Russian combat aircraft have flown more than 4 billion dollars in Syria

Russian military operations in Syria cost more than 4 billion dollars.

According to data provided by Syrian media, since the beginning of the Russian military operation in Syria, the cost of only combat missions cost Russia more than 4 billion.

“The cost of each non-combat departure of a Russian aircraft from the Khmeimim airbase is 35 thousand dollars. The cost increases in the case of combat missions with the use of high-explosive air bombs (FAB) to 60 thousand dollars. In the case of attacks with the use of adjustable air bombs (CAB) - 95 thousand dollars. Thus, the cost of each departure is more expensive than the cost of the structure, which is subjected to airstrike "- said the Syrian journalist Kutaiba Yasin.

How objective this information is, so far remains unknown, however, given the fact that by the current moment the number of combat sorties of the Russian Aerospace Forces during the entire military campaign in Syria has reached 45 thousand, the total amount of expenses, only taking into account the use of combat aviation , is over 4 billion dollars.

According to analysts' earlier assumptions, during the period when the Russian military grouped in Syria appeared, at least 10 billion were spent from the state budget for various purposes.

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During the same time, Poland alone paid the United States 10 billions of dollars a year, as membership fees to NATO. And Ukraine loses a year, from 2014 of the year to 25, for the right "not to cooperate" with Russia. Do you offer us to save?

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